Basic Courses for Running

Learn the basics for healthy running with a correct technique and relish a new side of movement in nature. Enjoy a running technique course or join one of our running tours.

Running Technique and Training for Advanced Running

Want to analyse and/or to know more about your running style? Get a detailed running style analysis with know how from world class athletes and a sense for economical running that feels lighter and making it more enjoyable. Running courses for advanced: two hours technique session up to multiple day clinics.

Mountain, Alpine & Trail Running for Novices and Experts 

Training for alpine mountain races or adventure races? Improve your running style for more speed and economical movement. Combine technique running clinics with other outdoor endurance sport to give more quality and pleasure to your hard training: one day to multiple day clinics for experts.

Our Special: Alpine & Trail Running and Transalpine Camps

If you are in to mountain running and if you like mountain life then you will enjoy our special camps: We run over alpine passes crossing mountains and borders aiming from hut to hut of the Alpine Club in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Enjoy mountain and trail running at its best with a taste of adventure.

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